Chocolate Muffins at the Bramley Village Bakery

Morning Goods

Fruit buns, swiss buns, jam doughnuts, ice ring doughnuts, chelsea buns and belgian buns are just a few items from our delicious range of morning goods. Morning goods can be served with coffee at breakfast or as a sweet treat throughout the day.

Iced buns and ring doughnuts from the Bramley Village Bakery
Iced buns and ring doughnuts
Iced Swiss buns from the Bramley Village Bakery
Iced Swiss buns

Iced buns and doughnuts are perfect for children's tea parties or an after school treat. Before the homework begins, drop by the Bramley Village Bakery and spend a few minutes in our coffee shop with your children. Let them choose their favourite bun while you discuss the events of the day. You won't be able to resist taking Dad's favourite home for tea!



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